About Murray

About Murray


Pragmatic Design Solutions

With over 40 years of architectural experience Murray has the knowledge and understanding to provide elegant solutions to any problem thrown his way.

Murray’s largest projects over the years have been the Clear Ridge Apartments at Hanmer, a three storey building. He has designed many motels, most of which are in Bealey Ave, Christchurch and large hill homes to small ensuite additions. Recently since the Christchurch earthquakes he has done scoping for insurance companies and produced drawings for rebuilds of existing damaged houses on the hill suburbs.

Most of his clients have their own builders sorted out and Murray completes their design work and coordinates all matters to obtain the approved building consent from the Council. Over the years he has gathered together a group of dependable associated professionals who have provided him with excellent service. These include Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers and Builders.

“I don’t wish to retire as I enjoy what I do and have a skill to provide a pragmatic design solution through tried and proven construction methods.”

What Murray Can Do


Negotiating A Building Consent



Murray’s Timeline

In over 40 years of work Murray has seen it all – below are some of the key stages and highlights of his career.


Still Doing What He Loves

Having worked for more than 40 years Murray still has no desire to put down the tools yet – he loves to meet new problems and provide workable solutions. If you have one for Murray get in contact and have a chat to see how Murray can help you.


Christchurch Earthquake

In 2011 Murray’s hometown of Christchurch was hit by a devastating magnitude 6.3 earthquake. Following only 5 months from a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that had weakened many structures throughout the town, the 2011 earthquake caused the need for over 10,000 homes to be demolished and many more requiring extensive work and alterations. Much of Murray’s work since the earthquake has been on helping people who have been affected by the earthquake whether it be rebuilding from scratch, or fixing parts of a building to make it liveable again.


Murray Brown Design Ltd Opens It’s Doors

Murray had always wanted to go out on his own, and in 1992 the dream finally became reality. Murray had collected all of the experience necessary, and built up a great network of associates – any job thrown Murray’s way he was now well equipped to deal with in a professional and pragmatic way.