Murray’s Services

Murray’s Services

What Can Murray Do

With 40 years of Architectural experience Murray knows his way around the potential mine-field of building a quality establishment. From land surveying to drawing up plans (and then getting the plans through Building Consent!) Murray will be able to produce what you need with incredible accuracy, providing pragmatic solutions to your design problems.


A large portion of Murray’s work is on alterations – being an “old-head” Murray knows his way around many styles of building and understands how they “fit together”. With this knowledge Murray is able to design alterations that not only perfectly complement the existing structure, but also easily fit in place with the existing structural choices.

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Sketch Design

Coming from the old-school of pen, paper and a drafting table (irregular rulers were even occasionally used!) Murray now predominantly uses CAD for his drawings, however initial sketching with a pencil will always be used.

Murray can carry out a range of sketches from initial concepts to final plans that are used for consent and building. If you need someone who can see the whole project through Murray has the experience to make the job run smoothly.

Building Design

Without a particular style, Murray takes inspiration from what the client wants; tailoring his design to match their preferred style, tailoring the style to work with both the site chosen and also fit within the council bylaws.

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Building Consent

Since the Christchurch earthquake of 2011 it has never been harder to get approval for a building to get off the ground. Murray knows the ins-and-outs of this process and will design your dream with a wealth of practical knowledge to have the building approved so it can start to be used.

Murray can take you through every step of the consent process:

  • Apply for Building Consent on line to District Council.
  • Deal with District Council requests for additional information.
  • Forward approved Building Consent onto Client via email.